Concierge service for students – one SMS and it’s DONE

slide3 Getting things done becomes as easy as possible. A couple of clicks on your smartphone – and here is your dinner, a cute date for the evening and a cab. Internet makes miracles real.  But a new generation of concierge services goes even further. Send an SMS to a certain number and consider it done. A personal assistant in your phone, what can be smarter? Especially if you can afford it!

Among them there is a service, dedicated to college life only – EDU Magic. It announces that can do ANYTHING you as a student might need. From book delivery to book summary within a few hours. How do you like that?  Adding one number to your contact list can make your college life less stressful. Project due tomorrow? Text EDU Magic and go to bed – in the morning your project will be sitting in your Inbox. Having troubles with this course? Ask for a tutor. Yes, it is really so simple.

slide1Is a service like EDUmagic a good thing? Won’t lazy students abuse it to get ahead in college? I believe this is unlikely to happen – college kids are still supposed to study on their own, right? Why not simplify the process? Ask to explain you a math problem or deliver a disco ball for your home party – it’s up to you as long as it’s legal.

In a world full of possibilities, this is just another one. But a pretty awesome one.

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