Corrupt DA Tried To Jail Innocent Woman.

Ugly California justice system failure. San Francisco District Attorney Conrad DelRosario illegally teamed up with Public Defender Investigator and Ex-CIA Robert Stemme and possibly with other DAs to convict innocent woman Marjorie Rimando. Allegedly, Conrad wanted to avenge his relative Roy Delrosario wounded male pride since Ms. Rimando dated Roy and their relationship ended badly after Marjorie learned that Roy was romantically involved with another woman. According to The State Bar Of California and Office of Chief Trial Council complains, Delrosario also asked District Attorneys of neighboring counties to do the same. DA office went as far as to call and intimidate several witnesses and, allegedly, ordered Ms. Rimando landlords to throw her belongings and furniture on the street from the apartment in American Canyon she was occupying. Moreover, Conrad Delrosario helped corrupt Secret Service agent Faisal Alshami (against whom Ms. Rimando previously complained to the U.S. Senate) to commit perjury in discovery documents by rewriting key witness Alla Bulatov testimony. When Ms. Bulatov complained and truth started to come out Ms. Rimando was badly beaten and now requires surgery.


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  1. Another police beating in SF!
    The beating of the suspect, 26-year-old Stanislav Petrov, by two Alameda County officers is under investigation, and two public defenders have called for criminal charges.
    The Alameda County sheriff’s office said Petrov was in a stolen vehicle when he fled authorities, smashed a police cruiser and was chased through San Leandro, Oakland and San Francisco. It was in an alley in San Francisco where the officers caught up with him, and repeatedly struck him with their fists and batons.
    The video of the beating shows one deputy knocking the man to the ground near Clinton Park and Stevenson Street early on Thursday. The deputy then punches Petrov, who is lying on the ground. A second deputy then uses his baton to hit the man on the head. Petrov is heard screaming for help as both officers use their batons to hit him. Petrov is still in the hospital, according to Jeff Adachi, the San Francisco public defender.
    Adachi has called for criminal charges to be brought against the officers involved. His office released the video to the public on Friday, which sparked public frustration amid a national debate over police officers’ use of force.
    “The video is shocking in its brutality,” Adachi said. “The relentless baton strikes on a prone, injured man are reminiscent of the Rodney King beating. As a society, we must stand up for due process and reject the notion that police are entitled to beat a person bloody if he runs or makes them angry.”