Hippy-Themed Wedding in San Francisco

Throwing a hippy themed wedding in San Francisco is easy to do, as anything goes in this town. Couples have a lot of options for planning a wedding fit for a hippy.

The culture created by hippies made free will and freedom trendier than ever before. This is important when planning a wedding, because every engaged couple is entitled to apply freedom and free will to the happiest day of their lives.

One of the fun aspects of planning a hippy themed wedding is choosing the cake topper. The traditional bride and groom version has led to countless other interpretations of this wedding day staple. Couples can go online or to a local wedding or craft store and choose a cake topper where the bride and groom are both dressed in outfits worthy of any serious hippy.

Many local San Francisco bakeries are happy to create a hippy themed wedding cake for couples. These bakeries can offer up suggestions for couples struggling to find the perfect cake design.

When it comes to choosing a hippy themed wedding venue, San Francisco is the ideal city. It is known for hippy inspired wedding venues such as the Julia Morgan Ballroom, Galleria at the San Francisco Design Center, Harvest Inn and the Hamlin Mansion.

For an outdoor wedding many couples flock to Golden Gate Park to celebrate at Hippy Hill.  Large groups of people have gathered there for decades and the park is a popular place to be. Famous figures associated with the hippy movement, including the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin, helped give Hippy Hill its name. Though the area is not recommended for children it can be a great place for wedding guests to mingle.

It’s not just locals that choose to hold their hippy themed wedding in San Francisco, as couples hosting a destination wedding often treat their guests to the experience of The Haight. Though the area has changed over the decades it has still retained images reminiscent of the 1960s hippy culture in San Francisco. The area still features hippy friendly outlets and smoke shops such as The Love of Ganesha and Dreams of Kathmandu. The lower half of the Haight neighborhood is still very much influenced by the hippy culture. You won’t find anywhere to buy wedding sparklers for you ceremony; instead you’ll see flowers for your hair and bundles of sage to burn as a blessing.

Regardless of where a couple chooses to get married in San Francisco the hippy theme is a welcomed one. For some couples this means throwing an authentic hippy wedding but to others it simply means they have all the freedom they want in regards to their wedding day plans. Couples often choose this type of wedding simply because it takes the pressure off of them and allows them to thoroughly enjoy an exciting time in their lives.

There are many possibilities for planning a hippy wedding and couples can have a non- traditional ceremony and reception that helps them celebrate their new marriage with nothing but joy and anticipation. This is the reason that couples often choose this unique wedding theme.

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