San Francisco Landmarks for a Wedding Ceremony 

San Francisco is a beautiful city to get married in and there are several landmarks where weddings are often held. Each of these landmarks offers couples breathtaking views that will enhance their wedding day.

One popular landmark that often serves as a wedding venue is Sonoma Wine Country. Its rolling vineyards provide a backdrop that brings a unique vibe to any wedding. Many of the city’s wineries host beautiful weddings, including the Hans Fahden Vineyards, Buena Vista Carneros and the Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine Caves.

Buena Vista Carneros is one of the most popular venues for a wedding, as couples have several choices when it comes to where on the property to hold their ceremony and reception. There are locations for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Seated indoor receptions can accommodate as many as 100 people and the outside areas can accommodate as many as 150 people at the reception.

The Gloria Ferrer Sparkling White Caves are on the grounds of Sonoma County’s the Home Ranch Estate Vineyard, which is spread out over 207 acres. Rich with Spanish architecture this venue provides a historical feel for any couple’s wedding day. Weddings are held at the Sala de Catadores, which translates to Hall of the Tasters, in English. This hall can accommodate weddings with as many as 120 guests.

Golden Gate Park is another landmark that often hosts San Francisco weddings. Within the park there are several locations where a wedding can be held, depending on how many guests are expected to attend. The biggest wedding the park can accommodate is 200 guests. The locations couples have to choose from at Golden Gate Park include the Fuschia, Shakespeare and Rose Gardens as well as Chain of and Lloyd’s Lakes. Make sure you decide ahead of time if you want sparklers at your wedding ceremony because you’ll need a special permit and they’re only allowed in certain areas of the park.

The Ferry Building is a San Francisco landmark that has survived despite a lack of upkeep, as well as two major earthquakes. Today, the building houses restaurants, high end shops and even a farmer’s market. On the floor directly above those businesses is the Grand Hall, where weddings can be and are often held. Spread out over 5,200 square feet, the Grand Hall can comfortably hold most weddings. As it is so often used for weddings there is a caterer available onsite. The hall can be divided into several sections to accommodate a ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. A bar and buffet can be set up to serve couples and their guests. There is always room for a dance floor as well.

Smaller weddings can be accommodated in the Port Commission Room, which offers couples and their guests an unforgettable view of the San Francisco Bay. Guests are treated to an espresso and dessert bar at the couple’s discretion.

These distinct San Francisco landmarks are venues that promise couples the wedding day of their dreams. Whether a couple wants an indoor or an outdoor wedding any one of these landmarks makes the perfect choice. They are often the site of both local and destination weddings.

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