Third Journalist Dies In San Francisco

Third Journalist Dies In San FranciscoIgor Kryan of San Francisco, California was fatally shot at the entrance of Jewels Museum also known as Light and Dark Museum, a non-profit corporation, dedicated to art and science education. According to City Of Burlingame Police Department an unidentified assassin with a high powered sniper rifle waiting for his victim to exit the building before firing a single head shot. Mr. Kryan was taken to San Francisco General Hospital and was expected to survive the shooting but was pronounced dead the next day because of by heart failure after a complication of the sustained trauma. Igor Kryan was known for numerous published books, articles and artworks, including numerous posters for Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, Animal Liberation and “Occupy” movements as well as whistle-blowing on illegal CIA and Secret Service activities. Igor had a million strong audience on his YouTube channel dedicated to exposing various government crimes.

Notable, that another acclaimed New York Times journalist Jim Frederick, 43, who was collaborating with Mr. Kryan, also died under mysterious circumstances only a few months ago in San Francisco, California. Another CBS reporter and Jim’s close friend Bob Simon was killed in a car crash earlier this month as we previously reported.

According to the Museum Director Rene Ross, Igor Kryan worked in Jewels Museum about two years since 2013 as a museum artist and art classes teacher. Director Ross asserted that Mr. Kryan taught art classes voluntarily without any compensation to all San Mateo and San Francisco children who could not afford it, while he received only a formal minimal salary as a leading Museum artist and craftsman. His other co-workers are reportedly “upset and sickened” after learning the news. They claim that “elements within CIA and Secret Service assassinated a man who was an outspoken whistleblower and animal and human rights protector.” At least three other Museum employees say they had previously received threats and “bribe offers” from Secret Service agents and filed formal complaints to the United States Senate and Department of Homeland Security. An official investigation is underway.

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