Three Unique Things to do in San Francisco This Weekend

Academy of Art University Automobile Museum

Everyone knows about the run-of-the-mill activities that you can do in San Francisco. But it’s often the nooks and crannies – the places that you wouldn’t typically see – that can really set your vacation apart. These ideas are even fantastic for native San Franciscans who may not have considered doing something off the beaten path. Here are three not-to-miss adventures you can enjoy today.

The Academy of Art University has an automobile museum that you simply won’t believe. You can browse through the rare car collection, admiring the impeccable shape most of the cars have been kept in. And you can learn about their Associate of Arts Degree in Automobile Restoration. This is a fascinating field that is certainly made the more accessible with access to so many antique cars that most of us never have the good fortune to see. The Academy of Art University offers special guests, student groups and even the general public a chance to glimpse these gorgeous cars.

Once a month, typically as the month ends, the Treasure Island antique market brings out its wares. You’ll find it at building one and the main groups and you’ll be able to shop for antiques, crafts, gifts and more. There is food there as well, of course, and you can enjoy incredible views of the city.

If you visit the city in the summer, you can check out the free Sunday series that they have all summer long at Stern Grove. They have everything from the SF Opera and the SF ballet to many other interesting performances. Get there early and find a picnic spot and then enjoy the day. The place usually fills up at about 2pm, so plan your trip accordingly.

With the Academy of Art University automobile museum, the Treasure Island antique market and the Sunday series you’ll love your new perspective on the most beautiful city in the world.

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