Unique Things for a San Francisco Wedding

San Francisco is famous for a variety of things, so why not include some of them in your wedding? This can be a particularly nice touch since there are so many people in the metro area who are also planning their wedding because it can make the celebration uniquely your own. Regardless of what type of wedding venue you choose in San Francisco, adding a few unique things can remind your guests of exactly where they are and what a fantastic city it is for a wedding. Here are a few things that are unmistakably part of San Francisco culture.

Seafood and Bread

There are two main types of food that San Francisco is known for that has a basis in reality, and that’s seafood and bread. Forget the Rice-a-Roni jingle that is really only pure marketing, the actual chow best known in these parts is Dungeness crab, bay shrimp, and the delicious sourdough bread you get on a Frisco melt. And let’s not forget the delicious clam chowder that is famous worldwide. Consider having a few different courses of your favorite signature foods from the San Francisco bay area to really give it a local feel that’s bursting with flavor.

Fireworks Laws

One of the added perks of having your wedding in San Francisco is that they have looser fireworks laws during most of the wedding season. Since the city is set apart from the forests and bluffs that present such a huge wildfire concern, you can actually find a store that sells wedding sparklers in San Francisco without needing to drive around for two hours. There will still be a few dry seasons that prohibit the use of wedding sparklers, but as long as it’s the rainy season you can usually get away with it.

Alcatraz Wedding

One of the coolest and most overlooked wedding venues in the entire city is Alcatraz prison. Obviously, the prison is no longer housing inmates, but it is certainly open for tours and you can also rent it out for weddings and other types of events. It may not be for everyone, but imagine the great photos you’ll get of the bride, groom, and their attendants in the various jail cells, mess hall, guard towers, and even a prison morgue! Though not for the faint of heart, having an Alcatraz wedding is about as San Francisco as you can get.

San Francisco offers so many great options to couples planning their wedding; it’s hard to imagine getting married anywhere else. I hope these suggestions help you, and have fun planning your wedding!

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